Leadership and Managerial Skills

• Leadership and Managerial Skills (TMTINS-751)

Our Leadership and Managerial Skills course is an USCG approved course. Any applicant who successfully completes the Leadership and Managerial Skills (MIDATL-751) course will satisfy the Leadership and Managerial Skills training requirements of 46 CFR 11.305(a)(3)(iv) and (b)(1); 46 CFR 11.307(a)(3)(iv) and (b)(1); 46 CFR 11.311(a)(3)(iv) and (b)(1); 46 CFR 11.313(a)(3)iv) and (b)(1); 46 CFR 11.315(a)(3)(iii) and (b)(1); 46 CFR 11.317(a)(3)(iv) and (b)(1); 46 CFR 11.325(a)(3)(ii) and (b)(2); 46 CFR 11.327(a)(3)(ii) and (b)(2); 46 CFR 11.331(a)(3)(ii) and (b)(2); and 46 CFR 11.333(a)(3)(ii) and (b)(2).

Our Training Courses:

Leadership and Managerial Skills (TMTINS-751)
5-Day (35-Hours)
Class Hours:
0800 with check-in time 0730
Phone Number:
(985) 873-0031
Entry Requirements:
1. Master or Chief Mate 3000gt or more [46 CFR 11.305 (b)(1)] and [46 CFR 11.307 (b)(1)]

2. 500gt or more [46 CFR 11.309 (b)(1)]

3. Master 500gt or more and less than 3000gt [46 CFR 11.311 (b)(1)]

Course Outline:
The Leadership in Managerial Skills course will cover all areas of leadership skills and teamwork management which is taken from “real life” personal experiences of mariners who have been in the role of leadership and from case studies collected from investigations of maritime incidents. Our instructors have been in these leadership positions and have successfully applied their own skills in the success of their ships and maritime companies. Additionally, the course provides group discussion and role play concerning communication, interpersonal conduct, cultural awareness that help develop interaction techniques and skills the mariner to become a successful, safe, and effective leader.
Target Audience:
Any mariner
Leadership and Managerial Skills Certification
Leadership in Managerial Skills Schedule
October 16-20, 2017
November 13-17, 2017
December 4-8, 2017
January 29-February 2, 2018
February NO CLASS
March 12-16, 2018
April 9-13, 2018
April 30-May 4, 2018
June 18-22, 2018
August 6-10, 2018
September 24-28, 2018
October NO CLASS
November 5-9, 2018
December 10-14, 2018
ALL COURSE DATES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE. CONTACT TMTI AT 985-873-0031 or EMAIL: george@marineinst.com

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