Courses Offered at the Marine Training Institute


• OSVDPA DP operator (DPO) Training Courses and Assessments

The Marine Training Institute became first training provider to be accredited to conduct OSVDPA dynamic positioning operator (DPO) training courses and assessments.  Assessments are held two times every Friday (0730-1230 and 1230-1730).
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• Dynamic Positioning Basic – Induction

Course covers the Principles of DP, Elements of the DP system, Practical operation of the DP system, Position reference
systems, Environment sensors and ancillary equipment, Power generation, supply and propulsion, DP operations. Course
duration is four days, or 28 hours.
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• Dynamic Positioning – Advanced

This four-day course covers practical operation of the DP system, Simulated DP operations including errors faults & failures, DP alarms, warnings and emergency procedures.
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