DP Maintenance Course


• DP Troubleshooting and Technical Training Class

The purpose of this course is to provide vessel crew members with the basic knowledge to troubleshoot key pieces of equipment on their vessel and either perform First Aid Maintenance or assist Beier Radio technical personnel remotely guide them to attempt and/or complete repairs. This is a vessel/customer specific DP course. This DP Maintenance course is not recognized by the Nautical Institute.

Please note the following for future DP Maintenance courses:

  • We no longer offer generic maintenance courses on a regular calendar basis.
  • We only offer vessel specific & DP hardware specific courses.
  • If you are seeking training for a vessel with Beier DP hardware, please specify so we can plan the course accordingly.
  • We can only schedule a course after confirmation of vessel specific hardware availability for that training program.
2 Days
4228 W. Main Street, Gray, LA, Phone: 985-873-0031
The Course Includes:
Product manuals
Quick reference “Troubleshooting” placards for your vessel
Hands on practice with the same series of equipment that is on vessel
Hours, each day, one on one with our instructor
Two Day Course is $3,400.00. (per course, not per student)
Payment by wire transfer two (2) weeks prior to course dates
Lunch is included with the training class. Full payment has to be made prior to the actual class date.
Number of students:
1 to 5, but not more than 5
Dates & Booking:
CALL TO SCHEDULE. CONTACT TMTI AT 985-873-0031 or EMAIL: info@marineinst.com