The Marine Training Institute, a division of Beier Integrated Services is looking to hire a part-time instructor for our DP Operator courses in our class A training facility. Local Instructor preferred.
Job Duties:

  • Upon course qualifications for DP instructor, the qualified applicant will:
    1. Assist the Senior DPO Trainer in NI (Nautical Institute) and OSVDPA (Offshore Service Vessel Dynamic Positioning Authority) basic and advance courses.
    2. Conduct DP assessments in accordance with OSVDPA requirements.


  • Dynamic Position Operator Training Instructor
    • Must hold a valid DP Unlimited Certificate – Must have a minimum of 365 sea time days on board a DP vessel as a certified DPO or equivalent (305 sea time days on board a DP vessel and successful completion of the Revalidation Course) as determined by The Nautical Institute. 150 of the 365 sea time days must be completed within the last five years.
    • IMO model course, 6.09, Training Course for Instructors or
    • IMO model course 6.10, Training Course for Instructor and Assessor Conducting Simulator-based Training and Assessments. (Preferred)
Submit resume to for review. Include all certifications and schools. A sea time letter DP in the resume along with work experience and reference contact information (3 personal and 3 work references) and sea time letter for DP.

Please link to the following companies for available job positions in the marine industry:

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    “I had a great experience with ALL the staff. I'll follow George wherever he instructs. Bob and Danny great DP class and Tamicka holding all together! Thanks everyone.. see you soon for radar renewal!
    Stormi Jo Sutter

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